Winter Beauty Tips

Winter reeks heck on not just your hair but your entire body! The harsh winds and dry air make our skin and hair dry out, making conditions like eczema and psoriasis worsen. Try our winter beauty hacks to make life a bit easier on your body!winter beauty tips

It all starts with what you put in your body! Amp of the amount of water you drink to keep you hydrated and to keep your eyes from looking puffy! Next, eat food products that have natural fats in them to keep your skin supple and prevent it from drying out. No, those new cronuts will not make the cut. Instead, try apples, avocados, and nut products.

There are so many gadgets these  days that can make life a whole lot easier! One of them being a humidifier! Not only will this help relieve winter sinus problems, your dry skin will be soothed during the night by sleeping with a humidifier on. Not only will your face look more supple but your hands and lisp won’t feel dehydrated either.

Relieve dry skin by moisturizing your body from head to toe after showering. Start with your hair and use a great butter or oil to lock in the moisture. Move to your face and apply a great day time moisturizer with SPF. Yes, you still need SPF in the winter because the sun can still cause damage to your skin. Next, use a light but moisturizing lotion or body butter over your entire body, paying attention to typical rough areas like elbows and knees. Finish off your routine by adding your favorite lip balm to your lips to prevent them from chapping. For extra preventative measures, it’s also a good idea to carry a hand cream with you during the winter to freshen up after you wash your hands.


Tips for Styling Your Short Hair When You’ve Run Out Of Ideas

rihannaWith short hair comes great responsibility, and a great need for patience. Short bobs can’t always fit into neat ponytails when they’re messy, and untidy afro can’t always be perfected with a headband and a hair pick. However, they can look fabulous with a steady hand, a few techniques and essentials. So try not to be frustrated with your short ‘do. You, like everyone else, could just use a little help. We’ve got you covered!

When God made coco bread and vodka tonics (two of my favorite things), he also made bobby pins: the tiny hairpins that treat fly-away hairs and secure perfectly executed bangs. Yes, for both natural and straight hair, a full set of bobby pins can make a big difference.
Hair too short for French braids? Part your hair down the middle, and then twist your hair toward the rear as if you’re doing two French braids, and secure the “twists” on your way back with bobby pins. If that seems too basic, try arranging the bobby pins in some creative ways.
Been dying to give yourself Bantu knots since you saw Rihanna and Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black rocking them? Then, you may benefit from using bobby pins to keep your knots in place. And if you don’t want to wear them out of the house, they can help create an awesome curl. If your hair is too short for Bantu knots and you’d like a managed curl, then give yourself a collection of tiny braids at night, roll and secure them with bobby pins, and then unbraid them in the morning and hit the tips with a tiny bit of pomade to keep the curl lasting longer.

Short-haired babes, you should condition like you’ll never see moisture again. Kidding, don’t over condition. But seriously, moisture does away with breakage and it tends to make hair more manageable. Along with cream conditioners, the use of small amounts of 100% almond oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil can make a real difference – it will give you shine and soothe the texture. Also, abandon “grandma’s rules,” i.e., don’t over grease your scalp, as many oils including olive oil and coconut oil can cause dandruff. But be sure to give that scalp a little TLC.
And beyond all of that, conditioner is the key ingredient in the “wash-and-go” look, whereby you water your hair using a spray bottle that’s a combination of water and oil. Soften your hair with leave-in conditioner, tussle it and then hit the streets.

In my opinion, particularly for natural hair, it’s best not to use a comb with small teeth. It’s simply bad for business. It should be wide tooth or bust. Actually, if you can completely forgo using your comb and use your fingers to carefully undo knots, this is best, albeit a little time-consuming. Beyond the fact that it limits breakage because you aren’t scrapping at your hair with a glorified fork, depending on your texture and usual style, you’re untangling and styling your hair at the same time.
And as a styling reminder, know that different parting techniques create different looks, and if you’re ever unsure of how to create a natural looking part, place your comb against your inner brow above your left eye, and draw the comb backwards.

Go glamorous! With less hair comes a great opportunity to show off those stunning cheekbones, those dimples, that smile and that glimmer in your eyes that people rarely notice. Make earrings, eyeliner and fabulous clips your thing. And if you’re feeling as though you’re over the headscarves and headbands, perhaps you just need a few new tricks for them, including using your scarf to pull your too short hair into a faux updo.

How do you jazz up your short haircut?

7 Tips on Maintaining Healthy Relaxed Hair

imageRelaxed hair, by its definition, undergoes controlled damage in order to straighten it, but maintaining this hair in a healthy fashion is possible with several simple steps. If you’re not currently following most of these tips, your hair may not be as healthy as it can be. All hair should be pampered, but relaxed hair requires even more special treatment due to its processed nature. See if these seven tips for maintaining healthy relaxed hair can’t help you get your straight tresses into the best shape possible.

1. See a Professional for Chemical Applications

This is typically where you’ll spend the most money in maintaining relaxed hair, but it’s worth investing in a trusted stylist for touch-ups and/or coloring. They’re licensed for a reason. Too many women (and children and men) are walking around today with damaged hair that’s the result of home treatments.

Find a stylist you trust. This may not be easy; you may have to try several salons and get recommendations before you find someone you’re happy with. Once you find a professional and build a good relationship with her, she should be able to advise you whether a lye or no-lye relaxer is best for you, which cuts will best flatter your face and how to care for your hair on a daily basis.

2. Avoid Overprocessing

Applying relaxers to previously processed hair or leaving chemicals on for too long are two of the most common mistakes made when it comes to straightening. While home kits are easier to use than ever and cheaper than having a professional apply treatments, these products also make it easy to overprocess the hair. Not waiting the recommended time frame between touch-ups is another risky relaxer move.

Consistently applying straightening chemicals to previously processed hair will eventually lead to damage, breakage and possible permanent hair loss.


Even if you must apply your own relaxers, have a trusted friend help you with back sections of the hair whenever possible. Better yet, however, save those pennies and see a stylist for this task.

3. Choose Low or No-Heat Styling

Flat irons and curling irons are very convenient, but daily use will eventually lead to dryness and damage. Heat tools are fine for occasional use, but try to get into the habit of low or no-heat styling when you can. Examples of styling techniques that don’t require a lot of heat include:

  • Wet sets
  • Wrapping
  • Satin-covered rollers
  • Curlformers
  • Flexi-rods
  • Buns
  • Braids
  • Updos

4. Sleep with a My Hairdo Pillow at Night

IMG_1040Not only does sleeping with a My Hairdo Pillow your hair at night save you time in the morning, but it also protects your delicate tresses while sleeping, especially if you add in extra protection in the form of a silky hair cover. When you sleep peacefully with the comfortable My Hairdo Pillow, you preserve body and volume in a low-maintenance fashion that requires absolutely no heat necessary to re-style your hair the the morning.

5. Condition Regularly

Relaxers strip away some of the hair’s natural oils during the process of straightening; replacing moisture is essential to keeping hair in good shape. Instead of greasy, petrolatum-laden products, which don’t actually moisturize the hair but only coat it, rely on good quality conditioners to maintain proper moisture levels in your hair. Follow each shampoo with a rinse-out conditioner and deep condition two to four times per month, depending on your hair’s needs.

6. Trim as Needed

The ends of your hair can become excessively dry if not cared for properly. They’re the oldest and most fragile parts of your hair and they need to be treated with extreme care. However, they’re not going to last forever and it’s better to get rid of split and dry ends sooner rather than later. If you routinely pamper your hair and observe other good hair care practices, you’ll need to trim less often than someone who flat irons daily or never deep conditions.

7. Wear Protective Styles

Why protective styles such as chignons, updos and braids? Because these hairdos keep your hair’s ends up and out of sight, which allows them to retain moisture, which in turn leads to more hair retention. Even if your goal is not to grow hair down your back, healthy ends are still important, as they fit into an overall healthy head of hair.


9 Fabulous & Short Winter Styles For Black Women

Running out of ideas when it comes to styling your short hair in the winter? Don’t worry, these celebrities have you covered. From glamorous updos to lovely, elegant curls, we have a short hairstyle to get everyone through the colder months!

1. Taraji P. Henson Short Black Hairstyle: Angled Cut with Side Swept Layers

Taraji P. Henson Short Black Hairstyle- Angled Cut with Side Swept Layers

Certain types of bangs come and go, but side swept bangs are always a hit- especially for the year 2014! We love side swept bangs because they are super stylish and incredibly feminine, giving any lady a delicate touch to her appearance. Taraji P. Henson looks stunning with this angled short cut paired up with matching side swept bangs that are flirty and delicate, perfect for any occasion. Oh, and did we mention how super easy it is to pull off this style? Go ahead and sweep it to the side!

2. Estelle Short Black Hairstyle: Bowl Cut Pixie

Estelle Short Black Hairstyle- Bowl Cut Pixie

We couldn’t help but fall out of our seats when we saw this lovely lady with her chopped locks- and for all the right reasons. Estelle switches up her hair with a cool boy cut that takes us back to our elementary school days. This is definitely a hairstyle that’s not for everyone, but if you’re bold and quirky like this sensational singer, then you might want to give it a try. Yes it’s different, but it’s actually quite intriguing and we can’t help but to love it. Talk about an edgy hairstyle that will get everyone talking.

3. Kelly Rowland Short Black Hairstyle: Topknot with Bangs

Kelly Rowland Short Black Hairstyle- Topknot with Bangs

Topknots are seriously all the rage right now. Like, if you’re not sporting a topknot, you aren’t in style. It’s as simple as that. We are LOVING Kelly Rowland’s gorgeous topknot because it’s accented with some thick, edgy bangs that really gives her whole look some serious attitude. This hairstyle can easily go from the office to the bedroom with ease, plus it’s really easy to put together. Just pull your hair up into a tight knot on the top of the head. Pull out your bangs and a few extra strands for an added glam effect like Kelly!

4. Ashanti Short Black Hairstyle: Slick Straight Bob

Ashanti Short Black Hairstyle- Slick Straight Bob

Sometimes it’s best to ditch the bells and whistles and just reach for your straightener, leaving you with a slicked down ‘do like Ashanti. She looks absolute glorious and fierce with her slick straight locks, and we can certainly say this hairstyle works anywhere. It’s great for the office, nights out with the girls, or just when you’re hanging out with your boyfriend on a Friday night watching movies. It’s super cute, yet has some serious attitude that we LOVE.

5. Jada Pinkett-Smith Short Black Hairstyle: Halo Braid

Jada Pinkett-Smith Short Black Hairstyle- Halo Braid

If I could sum up popular hairstyles for 2014 in just one word, I would choose this one: braids. Braids are ridiculously hot this year, much like updos- only even more so. Here we see Jada Pinkett-Smith sporting one of this year’s hottest hairstyles: the halo braid. And just as you’d expect with something with the word ‘halo’ in it, it produces a very angelic appearance that is downright beautiful. She looks like a majestic lady from above with this gorgeous hairstyle. It might look difficult to achieve, but there’s plenty of easy how-to guides online that can leave you with this seductive style in just a matter of minutes.

6. Ciara Short Black Hairstyle: Super Short Waves

Ciara Short Black Hairstyle- Super Short Waves

We can all certainly agree that Ciara is looking fabulous with her retro-inspired locks. Her lovely waves has a certain ’50s appeal that is oh-so-chic and beautiful. We also love how she’s added some caramel blonde highlights to one side of her hair, giving her a boost of attitude and sex appeal. Overall, this flashback style gets a 10 out of 10 from us.

7. Alicia Keys Short Black Hairstyle: Mohawk Inspiration

Alicia Keys Short Black Hairstyle- Mohawk Inspiration

There’s your typical pixie haircut and hairstyle, and then there’s Alicia Keys’ hair. Here we see this amazing gal sporting a hairstyle that is totally different from the norm. She uses styling product to mold her hair up into a mohawk-styled ‘do, leaving the sides of her mane shaved short to really give it that extra boost of edginess. With bright pink lips and a fierce style, this hairstyle easily equates to one of the most edgy and stylish hairstyles on the market. We absolutely love it, and if you’re bold enough to wear it, we say go for it.

8. Janelle Monae Short Black Hairstyle: Voluminous Pompadour

Janelle Monae Short Black Hairstyle- Voluminous Pompadour

Want to be the talk of the town? Then try on this super edgy and totally fun pompadour from Janelle Monae!

9. Sabrina Washington Short Black Hairstyle: Wild Shaves

Sabrina Washington Short Black Hairstyle- Wild Shaves

It started with girls shaving off the side of their heads for an edgy style. Now these girls are taking it a step further with funky and wild designs added right into their heads. Sabrina Washington showcases a super hot shaved head with leopard print detailed RIGHT into her hair. The end result? A ridiculous trendy and funky hair that is voluminous, quirky, and cool.

Which trendy short hair style was your favorite? Leave a comment below!


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